Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

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Here are some tips for a good night's sleep that I read in Robert W Bly's book, "Make Every Second Count".

1. Drink no more than five cups of caffeinated drinks a day & none in the four hours before bedtime.

2. Cut down on smoking. Nicotine makes it hard to fall asleep, and the cravings may wake you up during the night.

3. Avoid a nightcap. Alcohol may initially help you fall asleep, however it causes arousals and sleep fragmentation. This can lower the quality of the sleep that you get.

4. Some over the counter and prescription medications can disturb your sleep. Medicines that containe caffeine, many antidepresants, some birth control pills, some broncho-dilating drugs for asthma, steroids, some high blood pressure medicines, and many diet pills can disrupt your sleep.

5. Try to keep a consistent schedule. Get up and go to bed at the same times everyday.

6. Stay away from sleeping pills. You eventually need more and more for the same effect. You can have trouble going to sleep once you stop taking them. And they can become addictive.

I know that many of us sleep less so that we can get more done, but this may be hurting us more than we know it. It is wise for our health if we try to get atleast 8 hrs of sleep a day.
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