Dress to Beautifully Camouflage a Belly Bump

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New moms and even a few not-so-new moms may still sport a bit of a belly bump. We understand that you can't all have the time and energy to work on six-pack abs. While you're busy focusing on your priorities in life, you can still use a few clothing tips to make your core appear slender.

Three Clothing Tips to Make Your Waist Appear Slimmer

Dressing to help improve the appearance of your figure doesn't have to be uncomfortable or complicated. You might not need to stuff your belly into a girdle if you take these suggestions:

  1. Choose a matching blouse and bottoms: If your blouse matches your skirt or pants, your entire body will appear longer and leaner.
  2. Try wearing a fitted jacket: You're probably making a mistake if you think that billowy jackets and blouses will make you appear slimmer; they usually don't. A well-fitted jacket will typically make you look firmer than one with a more generous cut.
  3. Slip on a thigh-length cardigan: A long cardigan will make your entire body look sleeker and slimmer.

You might not have gotten around to working on that New Year's resolution to lose an extra 10 or 15 pounds. We totally understand that you're a busy person with your own lifestyle goals and important priorities. Still, the right clothes can make you look like a core-exercise champ. When you choose the right clothes and all of your friends ask if you've lost weight, just smile and thank them for the compliment.

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